Thunder And Rain, new single coming 23rd September 2022

Title track from the new album “Thunder And Rain” is due for release on 23rd September 2022. The world is navigating through a fraught time, economically and politically. Democracy is a deal between the people and the people in power, and that contract is under threat. Outraged but impotent, we consider our choices. Written fromContinue reading “Thunder And Rain, new single coming 23rd September 2022”


Described by Steve Louw as a “Black & Blue rock album”, this record carries a character of it’s own, moving through layers of laid back blues rock through to more upbeat contemporary and folky storytellers. Produced by Kevin Caveman! Shirley Read more about Beyond The Blue

25 Years Ago: Going Down With Mister Green Released!

Released in September 1997 by Polygram, catalogue number BPCD 2. Mixed by Rob Jacobs and produced by Steve Louw. In ’97, Big Sky released ‘Going Down With Mister Green’ and once again big sales and radio play followed. Throughout these 11 songs, Louw’s effervescent guitar licks and yearning lyrics dominate. The first single, ‘Wasted’, isContinue reading “25 Years Ago: Going Down With Mister Green Released!”

Steve Louw is SAMA NOMINATED for Headlight Dreams

Steve Louw shines on Headlight Dreams It’s hard to believe the last new music we heard from Steve Louw arrived seven long years ago. With the wait now finally over, fans right around the world are already embracing the pop/ rock icon’s return with arms wide open. This is the lovely Back story to theContinue reading “Steve Louw is SAMA NOMINATED for Headlight Dreams”