Steve Louw Thunder And Rain, Listen Now!

Steve Louw: Thunder And Rain
Steve Louw: Thunder And Rain
The geography of where I was coming from crept into the music; fire, wind and rain – Steve Louw

Its nothing but a pleasure to work with an artist like Steve (Louw), with a world class band and Kevin “Caveman” Shirley behind the console, you can’t go wrong. Its a honour to play a part. “Thunder and Rain” sounds great!

Doug Lancio (Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Steve Earle)

Under a rain of protests and storms in the heart, this sound builds itself, in images and tones, to show its point of view and its emotions, struggling to raise awareness in its important message.

The guitar and the vigor of the vocals will convince you to listen to the end, to decide whether to take sides or not.

Roadie Music

The world is navigating through a fraught time, economically and politically. Democracy is a deal between the people and the people in power, and that contract is under threat. Outraged but impotent, we consider our choices.

Written from the point of view of what we face in the aftermath of the last two years, the character in the song walks the line between right and wrong, unsure where that line is drawn and the consequences of following a moral imperative.

We are all making our way and, on our journey, trying to surpass the physical and spiritual roadblocks we encounter with grace and love for ourselves and our fellow travellers.

Steve Louw, September 2022

Thunder And Rain

Standing, waiting for the lights to change
Yeah, I’m filled with rage
Choppers are beating down
Broken signs blowing across the ground.

Thunder and rain in our town
I can’t understand the pain in our town.

A burning match lights a cigarette
This flame won’t catch the fight that’s in my head
In the window of a black and white
My face reflected in the burning night.

Thunder and rain coming down
I can’t understand the pain in our town.

Where I was raised, we knew no hate
An open door and an unlocked gate
Tried to live by the law
I don’t know ‘bout that anymore
I never crossed the line
One that’s always been in my mind
I’ve given truth to lies
I see it written in my eyes.

Thunder and rain coming down
I can’t understand the pain in our town.

In a concrete room under the ground
This was all sent coming down
The lights go out on a man who hates
The book he holds, holds his fate.

Thunder and rain coming down
I can’t understand the pain right now.

We’re all born, we all bleed
We’ve all been torn, we’re all in need
We all live, we all die
We all wanna get high.

Thunder, rain coming down
Can’t understand the pain right now.

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