Big Sky

Steve Louw formed a new band, Big Sky, in 1990 and released Waiting for the Dawn that same year. The epic and powerful debut album featured artists from SA and the USA, and set a new standard for SA rock. Louw was back, less abrasive, more thought provoking, and producing a music that stood on its own, both here and abroad.

Steve’s new band, Big Sky, releases ‘Waiting for the Dawn‘ in 1990.

All Night Radio

Steve Louw (pictured right) founded trail-blazing eighties band, All Night Radio, with Nico Burger (left), Rob Nagel (center). ANR released two hit albums, The Heart’s the Best Part (1984) and The Killing Floor (1986), their gritty, bluesy, rock-and-roll sound firmly establishing Steve as a star on the SA music scene.

Left-to right: Nico Burger, Rob Nagel, Steve Louw

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