Listen to Best Of The Decade

Compilation album released on the Epic label on the 4th October 1999. Catalogue number CDEPC 8120 R. Compilation produced by Kevin Shirley and Steve Louw.

Best Of The Decade
Big Sky – Best Of The Decade


  1. Destiny [3.20] 1999 recording
  2. Mr Green [4.17] from Going Down With Mr Green
  3. Run To Me [4.47] from Horizon
  4. Waiting For The Dawn [5.20] from Waiting For The Dawn
  5. One Cut With A Knife [4.24] from Horizon
  6. Diamonds And Dirt [3.45] from Waiting For The Dawn
  7. Skin Deep [4.00] 1999 recording
  8. Hold Me [3.53] from Going Down With Mr Green
  9. Wasted [4.00] from Going Down With Mr Green
  10. Kathleen [2.57] from Horizon
  11. Forever Love [3.30] from Waiting For The Dawn
  12. Strange Room [3.32] from Horizon
  13. Slow Dancing [6.03] from Waiting For The Dawn
  14. Blue Eyes [2.48] from Horizon

All songs written by Steve Louw except ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Skin Deep’ written by Steve Louw and Kevin Shirley.

Steve Louw and Willem Moller at Alma Cafe, 17 March 2013

Sunday 17/3/2013 at Alma Cafe, Alma rd, Rosebank @6.45pm.

Contact Alma Cafe for a booking. 021 685 7377

Tables have to be pre-booked.

The show includes dinner, Willem and Steve will be doing two sets playing acoustic and electric.

Steve Louw and Willem Moller
Steve Louw and Willem Moller | photo courtesy of Martin Myers

Big Sky at Kirstenbosch

Late in 2002 Steve Louw (left) began to put together a new band for a series of benefit shows at Kirstenbosch. Willem Moller (pictured right) was called back as lead guitarist and Schalk Joubert, ex-member of the Afrikaans rock band Valiant Swart, came in on bass. Peter Cohen, who’d played with 90′s bands like Bright Blue and Mango Groove and who currently plays in Freshly Ground, joined on drums and Simon Orange from The Blues Broers came in on piano and organ. It was this band that began to tour South Africa 2003 through 2008, with concerts at many of the national music festivals and live venues.

Steve Louw and Big Sky – Take My Heart / John The Revelator (live 2008)

Recorded live at The Little Theatre, Cape Town in 2008,  Big Sky presents Heart & Soul features hit tracks from previous albums as well as unreleased material. Heart & Soul features an acoustic set with slide guitar, harmonica, tea chest bass, percussion, double bass and mandolin, then the band unleashes a full-tilt rocking electric electric set culminating in a blues jam of ferocious power.

Encore from the “Big Sky presents Heart & Soul” DVD. Recorded live at The Little Theatre, Cape Town in 2008.


  • Steve Louw: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Willem Moller: electric guitar
  • Tim Rankin: drums
  • Jacques Steyn: bass
  • Simon Orange: keyboards
  • Rob Nagel: harmonica

Steve Louw Is Back In Town

“The music within Trancas Canyon … is fuel enough to generate yet another chapter born in Africa”

Jason Curtis

Steve Louw is back in town

From IOL

Steve Louw, the man behind the rock ‘n roll that was All Night Radio and is the voice, inspiration and writer behind Big Sky, is back.

On the eve of the recording of the live DVD being hosted at Die Boer in Durbanville on Thursday and Friday, Louw is bubbling on the back of his band Big Sky’s latest 10-track album, Trancas Canyon, and the upcoming Cape Town history-in-the-making shows.

“We recorded Trancas Canyon in three days and we’re going to be recording a DVD in two – we clearly work well under pressure,” he said.

With a catalogue that stretches three decades and counting, long-time producer, Kevin “The Caveman” Shirley as a friend makes for some great music, if his catalogue and especially, the new album is any indicator.

“When your mate (Shirley) is remixing Led Zeppelin one week and is Iron Maiden’s right-hand man the next, getting him behind the desk to produce the next Big Sky album can only bring with it good things,” Louw enthuses.

Steve Louw is a South African singer-songwriter and rock musician.
Steve Louw is a South African singer-songwriter and rock musician.

“I had written a lot of stuff since the last album Beyond The Blue (recorded in 2002),” Louw adds, “and having rehearsed much of what you hear on Trancas Canyon before I headed for the Californian desert where Kevin is based, I was more than ready to commit these songs to tape.

“The album has an almost swampy feel,” he continues. “To use a word that’s completely abused, but non the less true, all of the songs play out very organically.

“We recorded at Kevin’s house, which is 50 miles (80km) outside of Los Angeles. I was playing in the lounge and Kevin was sitting in his booth starring back at me, which was the equivalent of jamming with a bunch of mates on a Sunday afternoon.

“All of the songs we recorded play out so incredibly naturally, with almost a live spontaneity, which is sorely lacking in so much of the music you hear today.”

Having worked with Kevin for as many years as he’s been noted for recording some of rock music’s biggest hits, including those performed by Aerosmith or The Springbok Nude Girls, Shirley is without doubt one of the world’s most gifted 47 year-old ex-pats making great music sound timeless, exactly what he does each time that he and Big Sky make time to record.

“He (Kevin) is never going to grow up,” Louw laughs. “He’s exactly the same as he’s always been. His eldest son is 20 and his youngest 18 months, from a wife 25 years his junior. The man defies the rules on every level.”

Steve admits that he writes and performs without assistance beyond his great band of players, which include Willem Moller on guitar, Simon Orange on keyboards, Schalk Joubert on bass and Tim Rankin on drums, all of whom will be performing alongside Steve at the upcoming Durbanvillle DVD recordings, but producing he leaves to the Shirleys of the world.

“Kevin’s real ability lies in his knack to be able to embrace the best of what I do artistically, and couple that with his technical ability,” Louw says.

“What you land up with on Trancas Canyon are songs with so much texture you can almost touch it, it’s so rich.”

So what can fans of the man and his catalogue expect on the night? “Rob Nagel from my All Night Radio days will be there, and it’s rumoured Tim Parr may just also make an appearance, but you never know with him,” he jokes.

Add excellent acoustics and a great sit-down venue in which to engage with classic tracks the weight of Waiting For The Dawn, Mr Green, One Cut With A Knife, as well as at least seven tracks from Trancas Canyon, evenly spread over the two-night Big Sky residency, and patrons will get to experience and be a part of performances and recording of some of the best songs in South African rock history.

Writing and recording is what gives Louw’s life meaning and relevance.

With seven albums neatly tucked under his belt, the music within Trancas Canyon and it’s complimentary artwork created by celebrated artist and author Pippa Skotnes, is fuel enough to generate yet another chapter born in Africa, realised in a canyon in Malibu, and soon to be captured live for posterity.

46664 Collaboration

Steve Louw composed “Amandla” for Madiba’s 46664 benefit concert with Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics, Anastacia and Brian May of Queen.

On 29 November 2003, an event called the 46664 Concert was held at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town. It was hosted by Mandela and its goal was to raise awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela & Bono
Madiba Rocks!
Madiba Rocks!

Steve Louw Inducted Into SA Rock Hall Of Fame

Sponsored by The South African Rock Encyclopedia

Capetonian Steve Louw, has, for the past two decades, quietly gone about amassing a very credible discography as well as a list of distinguished music biz connections which include producers Shelly Yakus (U2, Tom Petty) and John Rollo (Roberta Flack, Stevie Nicks, The Kinks). He has worked with numerous luminaries of the local music scene like Steve Newman, Rupert Mellor (McCully Workshop), Kevin Shirley and more recently Simon ‘Agent’ Orange, Schalk Joubert and Willem Möller to name a few. His 2 groups, All Night Radio and Big Sky have produced critically acclaimed albums with ‘Horizon’ by the latter helping him win the FNB Music Award for “Best SA Rock Act”. In 1998 he and members of Big Sky played with fellow inductee Rodriguez on his first tour of South Africa.

SA Rock Hall Of Fame, 1st October 2003
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