Steve Louw

Steve (center) with All Night Radio band members Nico Burger , Ronnie Milne, Rob Nagel and Pitchie Rommelaer - The Argus, Oct 1983

"They broke every rule in the book" - Andrew Donaldson, 1984

"Steve is on the right wavelength as far as the music is concerned" - The Argus, Nov 1985

Steve (center) with Rob Nagel and Nico Burger - Off the Record, Mar 1985

"Steve Louw simply has a great voice" - Pretoria News, 1986

"Reign of Fire immediately reached the Top 10...that was its first and last time on the SABC airways" - The Star, March 1986

"Waiting for the Dawn is a huge success" - Top 40, Sep 1990

"What a pleasure to put on a local rock record (Waiting for The Dawn) of quality" - The Star Tonight, Sep 1990

"Big Sky's debut Album (Waiting for the Dawn) met with rave reviews" - Natal Mercury, Feb 1991

"Big Sky's second release, Horizon, is hot on the shelves - The Times, Aug 1995

Horizon wins Best Rock Act in the FNB 1996 Music Awards - Sunday Times, Sep 1996

"Something of a local hero" - Sunday Times, Sep 1996

Steve Louw and Big Sky open for Rodriguez's 1998 Sugar Man tour

"Big Sky (has) a kinda U2 meets Bruce Sprinsteen with a Chapman thing happening" - Elizabeth Donaldson, Sep 1997

"Nou hier het ons 'n heerlikke tuisgeweekte stukkie musiek (Mr Green)" - Die Burger, Sep 1997

"Louw is going high with a new cd, 'Going Down With Mr. Green'" - Tonight, Oct 1997

"Die verstand, hart en siel van Big Sky" - Gabriƫl Bothma on Beyond the Blue, 2002

"Steve Louw joined forced with leading inetrnational stars to write a special song, Amandla, (for Madiba's) 46664 concert" - Sunday Times, Nov 2003

"The music within Trancas fuel enough to generate yet another chapter born in Africa" - Cape Times, Feb 2009