Steve Louw

Searching for Sugar Man

Louw was honoured with the support slot on Rodriguez’ triumphant ’98 SA tour. With Willlem Moller (guitar), Russel Taylor (keyboard), Reuben Samuels (drums), Graham Currie (bass) and Tonia Selley (percussion) performing behind him, Big Sky drew nation-wide attention to the solid and stimulating music produced by the band over the decade.

On Tour with Rodriguez

Big Sky backstage with Rodriguez on the 1998 The Cold Facts tour.

Waiting for the Dawn

The title track of Big Sky's debut album, Waiting for the Dawn, with its heartfelt lyrics and anthemic feel, decries the South African situation at the time and yet is strongly tinged with hope, which shines through.


Horizon's slick, polished big rock sound won Steve the 1996 FNB Music Award for Best Rock Act, and songs like "One Cut With a Knife", "Kathleen" and "Strange Room" are still cruising the airwaves.

Strange Room

Strange Room is a “S’Effrican in New York” thing with a reference to Sting, singing about Russians and trees, and all he’s got is a one-way ticket and a case of anti-freeze. Truly terrific.

One Cut with a Knife

Look to find One Cut With A Knife on the radio almost every time you switch it on; it’s just the right combination of hook and rock, a humming and bopping thing.

Mr. Green

In ’97, Big Sky released ‘Going Down with Mr Green’ and once again big sales and radio play followed. Throughout these 11 songs, Louw’s effervescent guitar licks and yearning lyrics dominate. The first single, ‘Wasted’, is the resigned but optimistic cry for spiritual renewal and another nod to the 'Mr Green' of the title.

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